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New Orleans police officers accused of brutality against Black woman


Jonie Pratt, wife of Desmond Pratt, a 10-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department,right, talks with a reporter along with her mother-in-law Dulcie Scott in New Orleans Wednesday, April 5, 2006. Scott, said Pratt was injured by police officers when they pulled her over claiming she ran a stop sign. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

As if it couldn't get worse, three police officers --- two white and one Black --- have been accused of beating a black woman after a traffic stop. As it turns out, the woman is the wife of Desmond Pratt, 10 year veteran of the New Orleans police force and sister of three-year veteran Nancy Parker.

Jonie Pratt is the latest inidividual to report brutality allegations at the hands of New Orleans. With the public broadcast of the beating of retired teacher, Robert Davis, New Orleans police are looking like a force out of control.

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