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Honoring our fallen heroes on Memorial Day


On this day, we celebrate Memorial Day in the United States. While it was designed as a solemn celebration of those who lost their lives in military service to this country, it has evolved into a weekend of parties, vacations, cookouts and shopping. Memorial Day is also frequently confused with Veterans Day which is November 11, and honors everyone who served in the military.

At 3 p.m. Today, I ask you to join me in a nationally-observed moment of silence in appreciation of the ultimate sacrifice made by American soldiers in service to this country. Thank you. And thank you to our fallen heroes.


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Dash cam video proves Keith Lamont Scott was murdered [VIDEO]

Keith Lamont Scott with wife and son
Keith Lamont Scott with wife and son.
Source: GoFundMe


The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department finally released video of the CMPD confrontation with Keith Lamont Scott. The gut-wrenching video of a portion of the incident filmed by Scott’s wife, Rakeyia, was released by the family two days ago. Rakeyia Scott warned police her husband had a TBI (traumatic brain injury). 

In the police dash cam video, Keith Lamont Scott can be seen exiting his vehicle and walking backwards following police commands. A few seconds later, as Scott is walking backwards, he is shot multiple times. Why? He was not threatening anyone. He was not reaching for anything. Keith Lamont Scott was compliant. That was cold-blooded murder by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police. 

The officer(s) who fired shots at Scott need to be fired and arrested. Whoever fires them needs to fire the Police Chief Kerr Putney also. There needs to be an investigation of how a weapon Scott was supposed to have, was introduced into this situation. It’s now crystal clear why Chief Putney didn’t want to release that damning video earlier. 

May peaceful protests continue in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and grow throughout the United States until the family of Keith Lamont Sott gets justice for his death.





Remembering Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy

The transition of Senator Edward Kennedy was expected after his health challenges became more difficult to overcome. Young people may not know the Kennedy legacy but my generation of Americans knows the Kennedy family as this country’s royalty.

Each tragedy that family endured was shared with the American public and we felt their pain. The assassinations of JFK and Bobby, John Jr. ‘s salute at his dad’s funeral and his tragic death left us in awe of the resilience of that family. Now that Ted, the last of the famous Kennedy brothers, has passed on the family power, influence and mystique is in the limelight again.  

As we say good-bye to Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, let us remember the legacy of one of this country’s famous families.


Mississippi Town Elects First Black Mayor [VIDEO]

Mayor James A. Young

James A. Young was sworn in as Mayor of Philadelphia, Mississippi yesterday. That is a sign of tremendous change for this state, this town, this nation. If you remember the movie "Mississippi Burning," Philadelphia is the backdrop of that movie that focused on the Ku Klux Klan, civil rights battles in the South and the murder of three young men who symbolize the change this nation has overcome.

Forty-five years after the murder of Andrew Goodman, James Chaney and Michael Schwerner gave their lives so that blacks in Mississippi would have the right to vote. When the murders occurred, I was very young but they are part of the reason why I value the right to vote so highly.

The Real Mississippi Burning Trials

I remember the sacrifice endured during the civil rights era. I remember blacks and whites united in the fight for civil rights and the patience my parents and other adults employed to get through those difficult times.

That makes the victory of James A. Young all the sweeter as he was elected in a majority white town. Change has definitely come to America. God Bless Mayor Young and May God Bless the people of Philadelphia, Mississippi. Happy 4th of July!

Rest In Peace: Marie Olbermann (1929-2009)

I just watched a moving tribute to Marie Olbermann, mother of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on his show Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Sadly, Mrs. Olbermann passed away.

She was quite a lady and well-known for her love of major league baseball. I have not been a Keith Olbermann fan long enough to know of her getting beaned by Chuck Knoblauch and the subsequent celebrity to follow. She seemed to be quite feisty and a lot of fun to be with.

My prayers are with Keith Olbermann, his dad and the rest of Marie Olbermann's family, friends and loved ones. Ashe'.

Read Keith Olbermann's tribute to his mom here.

Biden Mourns Mother-In-Law

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden has cancelled campaign events for today, tomorrow and Tuesday due to the death of his mother-in-law, Bonny Jean Jacobs. Services are scheduled for Tuesday. Please keep the family in your prayers.



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Remembering Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones passed away due to a brain aneurysm. She was 58 years old. The congresswoman was found unconscious at the wheel of her car in a Cleveland suburb on Tuesday. She was removed from life support today.

The first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress, Jones was in her fifth term in Congress. She was a staunch supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton during the primary phase of the presidential election. Jones was also noted for lodging a formal objection to the certification of the 2004 presidential election in Ohio due to voting irregularities that allowed President Bush to win the state of Ohio.



Click here for link to official website.


Remembering Senator Jesse Helms

North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms passed away today for an undisclosed reason as to his cause of death. He was 86. Helms was conservative and a segregationist. He opposed so many things that he became known as 'Senator No'.

In spite of his opposition to many things not White, American and male; Helms served as a senator for 30 years before he retired in 2003. When his re-election was strongly challenged by Harvey Gantt in 1990, Helms ran the ad below that literally swiftboated Gantt's choice to unseat incumbent, Helms. Gantt was the mayor of Charlotte and black.

Helms opposed funding to assist AIDS victims; he made a very unkind statement about them which he later retracted after meeting and talking with activist Bono.


Remembering George Carlin

There are only a few comedians that have made me laugh and think. One of them is George Carlin. Here is a video of the first George Carlin routine that I remember. Don't press the play button on the video if you're offended by profanity.

There are other classic Carlin routines such as The Ten Commandments and the Seven Dirty Words. I have to smile when I think of him, Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce holding court in the afterlife. It was sad learning of his transition yesterday but I'm glad to have witnessed his genius. May he rest in peace.

Remembering Bobby Kennedy

Unfortunately, the recent remarks of Senator Hillary Clinton on the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy rehashed memories of a tragic time in the history of this nation. The Kennedys, like the Kings, were the closest thing to royalty in the United States.

Here is excellent coverage of that fateful day 40 years ago. For those who do remember, it may be nostalgic; for others it will be and introduction to a time much like we're experiencing now under the inspirational message of Senator Barack Obama.

Bobby Kennedy, 40 years later

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Forty years ago, on June 5, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was brimming with the confidence of a young, charismatic and liberal political star.

He had just won the California Democratic primary, giving him a strong chance to win the party's presidential nomination, rising out of the shadow of his brother John F. Kennedy, the president murdered less than five years before.

And in a split second, it was all over: a deranged Palestinian shot him dead in a Los Angeles hotel as he reveled in his victory.

The assassination of Bobby Kennedy plunged the United States into deep trauma.

It came in the wake of the devastating Tet offensive against US and South Vietnamese troops in Vietnam, which showed the US was not winning the war and forced then-president Lyndon Johnson, also a Democrat, to concede that he was too weak to seek the White House in that November's election.

And it followed by two months the April 4 assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King in Memphis, Tennessee, which sparked riots across the country. [Read more…]