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Bleaching Beyonce

The Internet is replete with comments about Beyonce Knowles. She’s so popular that she’s reached one name status. Cher, Madonna, Oprah, Whitney, Britney, Star, Jada. Her media machine is working and Beyonce is getting paid.

Inarguably, Beyonce is a beautiful woman. She has, much like J-Lo, become less and less ethnic looking. Profitable, but not a good thing.

Now, granted Beyonce has always been a light-complexioned Black woman. Lately, she’s become light, bright and damn near white. I’m not hatin’ on her, just being real.

Beyonce is everywhere. I’m getting tired of seeing and hearing her. She’s already crossed into the category of the over-exposed but I’ll save that rant for another time.

Now I must admit that Beyonce appears to be a very hard-working entertainer. With her latest stint on Broadway in “The Color Purple”, she’s probably covered all areas of the entertainment industry. That’s quite an accomplishment for a woman of her young years.

Here’s one aspect of the problem with the product placement of Beyonce. Most Black women don’t look like her. Most white women don’t look like her either but white women don’t have the same deeply-rooted self-hatred and self-esteem issues that Black women have.

Some folks may try to trivialize the issue but it’s very real. Word to all women, don’t become a puppet to the mainstream fashion, beauty and entertainment industries. Recognize and appreciate the natural beauty in all shades of the ethnicity rainbow. Love yourself no matter what you look like.


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