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Nick and Jessica - It's so over!

Can Bill Clinton be stopped?

I wish Bill Clinton would run for president of the United States again. Better yet, let’s change the United States constitution and make him president for life.

He is so cool (except for that denying Monica thing). Hey, nobody’s perfect.

Bill has that magical “it” thing going on. In spite of his womanizing ways, we still like him. Republicans secretly like him too.

“It” is a gift. ‘It” cannot be bought or taught. “It” cannot be denied nor contained. Very few people have “it” bestowed upon them. How else can one explain the fact that Hillary forgave him for his many dalliances and President George Bush partnered with him to solicit donations for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts?

Love him or hate him, Bill Clinton has “it” going on. Don't hate the player, hate the game!


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