Hurricane Wilma - The Aftermath Part 2
Bleaching Beyonce

Stella: Queen of Denial

Let’s be real, I may never be able to watch “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” again.

My planned trip to Jamaica is cancelled…over…done with…crossed off my to do list. Stella’s fantasy Caribbean dream man was “on the DL.” What? How could he?

Ms. McMillan has been humiliated beyond belief. After watching her and ex-hubby, Jonathan Plummer on Oprah, I didn’t know quite know how to feel. It was the strangest Oprah show I’d seen.

Plummer was clearly the prettiest one of the three on stage and I couldn’t help thinking, Miss Terry, that man is flaming! His skin, brow arch and make-up were flawless. Decked in casual chic attire, he was truly looking good. Mr. Plummer has definitely benefited from a make-better.

Are we women in such denial that we desperately try to hold on to a handsome but obviously gay man? Sisters, we need a reality check. We can be friends with gay men but let’s not ignore the obvious, okay?

It’s not safe and it’s definitely not healthy to do so. And men, don’t play such dangerous games either. I still don’t understand how Ms. McMillan could bring herself to share a tub with Mr. Plummer after all the verbal darts she threw at him. And just how could he share a tub with a woman who appeared to be on the verge of a breakdown? Perhaps they deserve each other. I do know that they both need counseling.

Too many innocent people (offspring, parents, friends, relatives) get caught up in the subterfuge of illicit relationships. Be yourself and free yourself. It’s a wonderful thing.


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