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Father kills himself and children

Dr. Edward Van Dyk, an oncologist on staff at an Alton, IL hospital, was vacationing at the fabulous but overpriced, Loew’s Hotel on Miami Beach when he killed himself and his two sons.

Van Dyk and his wife, who was in the bathroom at the time the children were killed, were experiencing marital problems but nothing that signaled the devastation that occurred.

Memorial Day vacationers and Hip-Hop Weekend celebrants were shocked by the murder suicide. Some were so visibly upset that they were unable to speak immediately after the incident.

To take the lives of innocent children is what makes this murder-suicide so heinous, cowardly and selfish. No suicide note was found. Hopefully answers will be revealed. Police are with Mrs. Van Dyk, also a doctor, until her family can be located.

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Doctor kills children, himself

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