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Getting Ready for HBCU Football...It's Showtime!

It’s almost time for football season again. Unless you attended an HBCU (historically-black college or university), you don’t really know what that means. It’s time not just for the battle on the gridiron but for the real show --- the battle of the bands. The Nick Cannon- Zoe Saldana movie, Drumline, captured the Black college experience, somewhat but there’s nothing like being there live and in color.

Now I must also admit that times have changed in that today’s college students tend to leave the football game after half-time, we stayed throughout the game back in my day. Things change so I won’t belabor that point. Anywho, the issue is that football season at a Black college is a unique experience and I love it. Celebrating with family and friends, the annual Homecoming is just that, a reunion. So, now we warm-up for the battles on and off the field…it’s Showtime!

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