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X-Men 3

X-Men 3 was number one at the box-office in the United States this past weekend. I doubt that’s a news flash considering the marketing of the film. I did not see it but everyone that I know that saw the film, loved it.

I can’t get into the X-Men thing; I really tried after the first movie. I know about the mutants --- somewhat. The only ones I can name are Wolverine and Storm. There must be something to this X-Madness because grown a** men are totally engrossed in the X-men saga. I really don’t care that X-men purists declare that Halle Berry is not statuesque enough nor dark enough for the role. I’ve been told that Naomi Campbell or Beverly Johnson would be a better choice but, you know what? I DO NOT CARE!

$120 million is some serious loot and tells me that I could really be missing something. I mean it’s just a comic book brought to life for Christ’s sake. It’s not nearly as important as the soon to be released Sugar Baby Barbie Doll, which is the first doll released from Byron Lars’, Chapeaux Collection for Mattel. Now that’s important!

I may not see X-Men 3 in the movie theatre, but I'll definitely see it when it comes on cable TV.

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