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Black Leaders Demand State Investigate Rep. Accused Of Using Racial Slur

Miami-Dade county is embroiled in a fight that could split along ethnic lines. State Rep. Rafael "Ralph" Araza is accused of calling school superintendent a nigger. Others say that Arza said it but now Arza disputes those claims AND is trying to halt the call for an investigation.

Get real. He said it and he should apologize. Not with that mealy-mouthed crap he tried during the last legislative session, an actual apology. This could get uglier.


Black Leaders Demand State Investigate Rep. Accused Of Using Racial Slur POSTED: 2:03 pm EDT June 29, 2006

MIAMI -- The Florida Conference of Black State Legislators gathered in front of the Miami-Dade County School Board Administration Building on Thursday to call for a full investigation of a state representative accused of making racist remarks about Superintendent Rudy Crew.

"Rep. Arza called Rudy Crew the N word, a racial epithet unacceptable in our community," said Sen. Tony Hill, D-Jacksonville, chairman for the group of civic, religious and political leaders. "This behavior cannot and will not be tolerated, and we are demanding that the Florida House of Representatives conduct a full and thorough investigation immediately."

A complaint submitted to the ethics committee by Crew was dismissed on "a technicality," a Crew spokesman told The Miami Herald, because the superintendent himself never heard the remarks. House rules require anyone who files a complaint to have "personal knowledge" of the incident.

Arza offered an apology last month on the floor of the House, but stopped short of admitting that he used racist remarks about Crew, who is black. "If I have ever made a statement to any one of you that you believe would be offensive to Dr. Rudy Crew or even racially insensitive, then I apologize, for it was not my intent to hurt anyone," Arza said.

But Rep. Gus Barreiro admittedly publicly for the first time Monday that Arza left a message on Barreiro's cell phone on which he used the word "n