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Miami dissed in Vice

Somebody please tell me how the premiere of the Miami Vice movie can be held on Miami Beach sans stars Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell? I mean, with all due respect to director Michael mann, the premiere with the law enforcement personnel who worked on the film was a nice idea but to not have the top billed stars present is an insult to Miami.

C'mon are South Florida "Vice" fans to believe that the original Crockett and Tubbs would uphold such a snub? I don't think so! As much as I watched the original television run of Miami Vice and still watch the re-runs, I'm not paricularly excited about the movie.

The only reason I may go to see the movie is because of Colin Farrell. I know someone who's met him and he went on about what a nice, unassuming guy he is.

Anywho, poo poo to the Miami Vice bosses for dissing the folks in the Bottom. We deserved way better than that.

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