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A Way Forward in Iraq

Listen to and/or read this speech by Senator Barack Obama on Iraq. This man is awesome. He'd make a great president but does he really stand a chance? Could America elect a qualified Black as president? I'd like to think so, but on the real, probably not. I disagree with his position on how to end the war in Iraq but I'd still support Obama anyway. He can't win it if he's not in it.

A Way Forward in Iraq November 20, 2006

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"...A few Tuesdays ago, the American people embraced this seriousness with regards to America’s policy in Iraq. Americans were originally persuaded by the President to go to war in part because of the threat of weapons of mass destruction, and in part because they were told that it would help reduce the threat of international terrorism.

"Neither turned out to be true. And now, after three long years of watching the same back and forth in Washington, the American people have sent a clear message that the days of using the war on terror as a political football are over. That policy-by-slogan will no longer pass as an acceptable form of debate in this country. “Mission Accomplished,” “cut and run,” “stay the course” – the American people have determined that all these phrases have become meaningless in the face of a conflict that grows more deadly and chaotic with each passing day – a conflict that has only increased the terrorist threat it was supposed to help contain. "

Read the full transcript A Way Forward in Iraq

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