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Chris Gardner's Dream - The Pursuit of Happyness

OK, I ask you, just how cute is Will and Jada’s son, Jaden? Man, when he walked out on Oprah’s set today, I was just so smitten, I could have planted kisses on him just like his dad did. He is such a doll and papa Will was beaming with pride. The cuteness continued when little Miss Willow (Jaden's sister) made her, oh so, adult appearance on Oprah also.

The Smith kids were so cute that the coverage of the movie was almost overshadowed. I absolutely must see this movie on December 15. The story of Chris Gardner is so remarkable that I get chills just thinking about it. Gardner is such a symbol having overcome abuse --- physical, mental, verbal, and emotional; prejudice; and rejection. I hope to meet him in person but if I don’t, he is still my mentor.

The challenges I’ve overcome and am still overcoming, pale in comparison to what Gardner has endured. The Chris Gardner Story is an American story and one worth remembering each and every day of our lives.

See this movie!

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