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Michael Richards is not a racist?

The Michael Richards racial tirade has not gone away. Perhaps it has subsided a bit but the weekend comedy shows are sure to revive it. TMZ.com reports Richards called civil rights activists the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Richards has hired a publicist but I'll give him advice for free. 1. Get out of the public eye for at least a year. 2. Get counseling because you have serious issues, one being anger management. 3. Get self-defense training or a 24-hour bodyguard becuase you are likely to get your ass kicked.

Here's an interview with one of the audience members who witnessed the meltdown.

Reaction from Tyrese and Jamie Foxx

P.S. Micheal Richards needs a beat down for using the term "Afro-American." Who using that term anymore?

Note to Richards: Afro is a hairstyle.

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