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On Sunday night, while doing my usual multi-tasking, I heard a local TV news reporter mention Michael Richards’ racial tirade. I didn’t hear any other details so later that evening I Googled ‘Michael Richards’ to get info --- nothing. Needless to say, one day later, all hell has broken loose and Richards’ career is definitely in the toilet.

I read a few internet articles on the incident and then I saw the TMZ.com video. Oh, my God! Reading is one thing but seeing and hearing was quite another. Excuse me, but WTF is this? Kramer? I like watching Kramer on Seinfeld --- even in re-runs. Who is this guy having a meltdown while spewing profanity and horrible racial epithets. I can’t imagine being in the audience while this occurred. Reality check: Quirky, kooky Kramer is a role. Hello, this is the real Michael Richards and this is not pretty.

While watching and listening to the videos through my own anger, I realized that Michael Richards was out of control. The hatred and rage that came out of him was incredible. The situation could have become violent, thankfully, it didn’t. As much as he proclaimed to be sorry and that he’s not racist, on the Late Show with David Letterman, I say, I think not. Jerry Seinfeld, don’t try it; this was not a mistake. Your friend, Michael Richards outed himself as a racist --- plain and simple. Wait a minute...How many Blacks were even on Seinfeld? Hmmm......

As ticked as I am, I also noted that Richards did not blame his tirade on alcohol or being molested as a child or some other lame excuse as others have done. He did it and the world can replay it over and over again. No matter the apologetic words, he is still a racist. There was just too much venom and anger in his words to feel otherwise.

I am burned that The Laugh Factory allowed him to perform the following night. The Laugh Factory issued a statement on its website. Money was refunded to patrons…blah…blah…blah. Let’s be real, allowing Richards to perform speaks to the club management’s insensitivity and lack of respect for Blacks. Had Richards made anti-Semitic remarks, he would have been out of there with the quickness and not allowed to return even if he did apologize.

When all is said and done, does Michael Richards’ tirade represent how whites feel today? Watch the video and listen to the words. Perhaps he does. This is bigger than one man and it’s not funny.

Note to self: Learn to use the video feature on cell phone; you never know when some crazy sh*t is gonna jump off.

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