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Words of Wisdom from Joel Osteen: Find Strength Through Adversity


The Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons in 2004 and now it’s the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks in an embarrassing basketbrawl game. The NBA penalties are likely to be severe and I do hope they are. Come on, theses guys are supposed to be professionals. If there was any issue it should have remained between two players --- J.R. Smith and Mardy Collins. It should not have resulted in the ejection of ten players.

We keep dancing around the issue that we have raised a generation of undisciplined folks that are not equipped to handle themselves in tense situations without resorting to violence right away. Is that the result of too much PlayStation, XBOX, violent movies, rap music, latchkey kids, etc? Whatever the reason, these guys need to be put in check. Such unprofessional behavior must go.

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