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Donald Trump is Racist

Miss USA in rehab? Come on, forget this second chance line of crap; that’s so lame. I can’t believe Donald Trump thinks the American public will actually buy that. This is so embarrassing. It’s just a beauty pageant but this woman represents this country. No wonder other countries no longer respect us, we don’t respect ourselves.

All of this talk about Tara Conner being so young is laughable also. She met the qualifications to enter the pageant so what’s the problem? Does this mean the minimum age will be increased?

So many questions…so many excuses! Let me just point out the 300 pound gorilla in the room. Donald Trump is a racist. Yeah, he is. The pageant is his to do as he pleases but the American public needs to recognize the man for what he is.

The first runner-up to Miss USA is Black. Trump was not about to have her wear the crown. Let’s be real. Forget that politically correct garbage. Remember when The Donald tried to name two apprentices during Season 4 of the Apprentice when Randal Pinkett won? He didn’t make the same offer when Kwame Jackson, a Black man, was runner-up to Bill Rancic, a white man. Donald Trump is a racist.

Miss USA in rehab? That’s just not right and you know it.

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