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Why do I have 11 pairs of black pants?!!

OK, it’s Christmas Eve and I still haven’t done any shopping. In a few minutes I’m going to Walgreens (because it’s close to my home) to buy a big plastic container or maybe a clothes hamper and then fill it with toys. I’ll pay for the toys and the basket then go home wrap a big bow around it and put my goddaughter’s name on it. She’s sixteen months old.

That’s it; I’m not doing anymore shopping until I feel like it. That’s not what Christmas is about. All the adults that stop by expecting something are in for a shock. Too bad. When they stop by they may end up helping me clean out the closets in my house. If I’m really honest, I don’t need any material things. This is the season of giving and that’s what I’m doing.

I took over 70 articles of clothing to the dry cleaners a few weeks ago. Some of the items I’d worn recently but far too many had been in my closet for years, some with the tag still on them. Some were either too large or too small. The clothes that couldn’t fit in my closet were on a rack that had become overloaded. I gave several pieces of clothing to a lady in my office. Some may fit her since she’s lost a lot of weight, others she’s given to someone she knows who can use them. Great.

I couldn’t help but think, where did these clothes come from? Why do I have eleven pair of black pants? I don’t wear a uniform. How did that happen? What a waste of money. More than wasteful spending, all of these clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. are just symbols of how out of control I allowed my life to become. When I can’t find something that I need amongst my clothing at home or I didn’t make it to the dry cleaners before it closed, I just go out and buy more. That’s how I accumulated those eleven pairs of black pants. That’s coming to a stop during this next week I have off.

I gave the clothing to my co-worker along with three pair of shoes. Two of them fit her perfectly and looked great on her feet. One pair was medium brown 2 1/2 inch pumps by Michael Kors. I liked those shoes and I kinda wanted to take them back. How could I think that, I’d never worn any of them? I’d told myself that I would sell them on eBay when I got the time. Yeah, right.

My uncle and his wife and one of their daughters came to town unexpectedly last night. Their visit threw my already taxed schedule off even more. My folks do not know how to sleep when relatives visit. They talk and talk and talk. Did I mention how loud they are too? It was really nice seeing them but I zonked out on them about 3:30 this morning.

Before they left, I gave my cousin three handbags. One was a Louis Vuitton, one a Chanel bag and the other I got from Walgreens. My cousin looked at me as if I was crazy. I told her that I was trying to get some peace of mind. I knew that between her mom and three sisters, they’ll put them to good use. She thanked me and put the bags in their truck before I changed my mind. LOL

My point is that it felt really good to bless someone else. These items were gifts from my heart. That’s what Christmas is about.

Merry Christmas…Happy Kwanzaa…Happy Hanukkah!

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