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Why Do Smart Women Do Stupid Things to Get and Keep a Man?

It's almost 2007 and I still don't understand why we women do what we do for men. To get a man...keep a man...or whatever. It just doesn't make any sense. If a man tells you he has another woman or other women, don't even, and I mean that ebonically, even consider him for a partner. You're setting yourself up for drama. Consider yourself warned.

Just as many men don't want to be in a relationship with a woman with children, women need to evaluate the number of children a man has, especially if he doesn't marry the mother of his children. Hello? Perhaps you want to keep stepping or maybe just keep him in the buddy zone, yo. If he is a mechanic, computer geek, great cook or will help move heavy furniture, keep him around. No need in letting those valuable skills and abilities go to waste.

If a man talks about his sexual exploits or conquests, definitely walk on by him. There's no reason to think that if he talks about other women to you, he won't talk about you to other women too. I mean really, do you think you're different from any other female? News flash --- NOT!

Like many women, I'm guilty of doing some stupid things in my life too. Thank God someone helped me. I'm just passing the wisdom on. Peace.

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