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Thank God, it's Monday!

I am so glad that last week is over. My Dad was in the hospital on Monday and Tuesday and my Mom was in the hospital Thursday through yesterday. Talk about stress. Other than Easter and being featured on MartyBLOGs, the highlight of my week was getting my car cleaned late yesterday afternoon at Karma.

I know I’ve blogged about the place before but it was just so relaxing to be away from the madness. Yep, relaxation at a car wash, go figure. Of course business was a lot slower because it was Easter. I didn’t expect them to be open at all but thank God they were. Not only hadn’t my car been washed in two weeks, it was in desperate need of a wax also.
Yesterday was the first time I’d been to Karma without a laptop computer. I was exhausted and figured my Crackberry was more than enough wireless contact with the internet. I was able to return a couple of phone calls and clear out a few e-mails on my Crackberry. Cool.

The only disappointment was that I’d gotten there too late and missed the mimosas. I settled for a couple of glasses of champagne and the baguette with honey, brie and walnuts. C’est magnifique!

By the time I’d left there, I’d spent $100 including tips to the server/bartender and the young man that did my car. I could have gotten my car waxed for half of what they charged at Karma ($60). The folks at Karma are friendly, do an excellent job and the safe and comfortable environment are worth the price.


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