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Enlarging my Circle of Love

I talk too much. That’s what my friends tell me. They could be right but I think a more accurate characterization is that I talk a lot. Yep. I do. The amazing thing is I’m actually quite shy. Yep, I am. I talk about things I’m passionate about otherwise I don’t say very much.

When my girlfriends and I used to go out on Fridays for Happy Hour, they would warn me not to smile at everyone. Can you believe that? Moi? By nature, I’m a happy person. After a hard week at work, I wanted to de-stress…unwind…relax. I didn’t smile at everyone but if I felt like smiling at someone, I did.

Usually I ended up talking to some guy for which English was not his native language. Reading Rainbow…Rainbow Coalition…We are the World…my girlfriends gave me a number of similar nicknames. I have to admit that it used to tick me off a little. Hey, I was just being me. Unless given a reason, I was not and still am not rude. Consequently, we didn’t pay for many drinks and over the years, I have gained a rainbow of friends.

I’ve learned that a pleasant personality will take a person far in life. At the time I didn’t realize that I was enlarging my circle of love. It was not a conscious effort; I realized later that I was modeling the behavior of my parents and other adults I admired.

While today is Mother’s Day, I thank my Mom and my Dad for teaching me to love everyone, especially myself.

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