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Chalk it Up to Ignorance Reigns, Wendy's Manager Shot Over Chili Sauce

Dogbert The manager of a Wendy's in Miami was shot over chili sauce. No, you didn't mis-read anything --- chili sauce. You know, sauce for that sodium-infested, pseudo-beef concoction that's sold as chili. Check their website for its nutritional content.

Some guy, orders at the drive-thru and demands extra chili. There is a limit on the condiments included with each order, most times condiments must be requested at the fast food joints here in South Florida. Now, sensing that homeboy was a straight up fool, about ten packets of chili were placed in his bag. Of course he acts like a horse's patootie --- no insult intended to the horse and shoots the manager who is trying to tell him that the extra sauce is in the bag.

The manager was only slightly injured but what is the world coming to? It's stupid crap like this that makes it bad for Miami Gardens, a newly-formed, predominantly black municipality in the Miami area. When major retailers don't want to set up shop in the Black community, incidents such as these cause decent, hard-working Black people to suffer and inconvenienced. There is no excuse for such behavior.

The  next time dude drives through Wendy's, he should not only be given extra sauce, give him some extra chili too. If he keeps eating too much chili it will likely make him sick anyway.