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Billy Donovan: Flip-flop...waffles...but Gator Fans still love him

T1_donovan After a brief marriage, the wedding between University of Florida head basketball coach Billy Donovan and the Orlando Magic is off. Finished. Kaput. Donovan has basically told the Magic that they can keep their $27.5 million; he's staying in Gainesville with the basketball powerhouse he built. Hmmm...didn't he realize that before he decided to leave?

I don't think it exaggeration to characterize Donovan's status in Gainesville as god-like. What was actually going through his mind when he made the decision to go with Orlando? What he was thinking when he changed his mind?

Donovan seems to be such a nice guy. I'm sure he's prepared to take his lumps while he's chided about this flip-flop of a decision for the next few weeks. Our attention spans are not very long. He should gear up again for his lumps at the start of basketball season. His only salvation will be another Gator championship.