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FREE GENARLOW WILSON! [Part 5]: Georgia Judge Declares Genarlow Wilson Ineligible for Bond; Georgia, Stop the Madness!

After businessmen raise $1 million for a bond, a Douglas County (Ga.) judge cancels a bond appeal hearing for Genarlow Wilson. It is obvious that the State of Georgia is hell bent on keeping one young man locked up for receiving oral sex from a 15 year-old when he was 17. For the life of me I don’t want to shout racism but what is the damn problem here?

Listen folks, you can be in denial if you want, but teenagers are engaging in oral sex and all sorts of behavior not condoned by parents or the law. That's what they hear in their music and see on televsion or at the movies. Guess what? The incarceration of Genarlow Wilson will not stop teenagers from having sex; they’ll just conceal it from the authorities for fear of being jailed.

Oh yeah, those same teenagers that will keep their sexual behavior a secret for fear of being jailed will likely spread and contract sexually-transmitted diseases because they haven’t gotten proper medical attention, because why? They don’t want to be jailed. Georgia, please turn on a light and come out of the dark ages.

Genarlow Wilson has served 28 months of a 10 year sentence that he does not deserve. He should not be required to register as a sex offender. The fact that his friends accepted a plea deal should not prevent Georgia law from doing the right thing for Genarlow.

I don’t blame Genarlow or his attorney for declining those so-called plea deals offered by Douglas County DA David McDade. They are insulting to say the least. Besides, the longer Genarlow is in jail, the more Georgia’s reputation is damaged.

Just a few days away from a July 5 bond appeal hearing, Douglas County Judge David Emerson declared that Genarlow is ineligible for a bond. Give me a break; this situation is just inhumane. It’s time for some folk to put a spotlight on his situation and turn up the heat even more than before.

With serious issues that Georgia has to deal with, it’s incomprehensible that oral sex between two teenagers would result in such a waste of taxpayer resources. This case not only makes Georgia look like a racist, backwater State, it makes the USA look like backwater, knuckle-dragging hypocrites.

If Georgia AG Thurbert Baker, DA David McDade, Judge David Emerson and Gov. Sonny Perdue really want to apply the law equitably, Georgia should just lock up all of its teenagers guilty of engaging in oral sex under the age of consent. If honesty prevailed, there’d be few teenagers in school and most of them behind bars.

When all is said and done, I pray that Genarlow continues to stand on principle and doesn’t allow these men to break his spirit.