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Thought for the Day: 'You Are Somebody'

When people I know read this blog

J0411786_2 I suppose I shouldn’t write this but I am still somewhat caught off guard when I talk with someone who reads this blog. That happened to me this morning when a woman from my job mentioned the blog and asked if that was me.

She was flattering but the first thing that popped in my mind was, dang, I better stop cussing! Since writing is cathartic for me, I never think that anyone I actually know will read what I write. The world-wide web is such a big place, right? I guess not.

Anyhoo, I’m very appreciative of the folks that read this blog. I will be mindful that folks I actually come in contact with might read it but it won’t change what I write. For those that actually know me, holla at a sister every now and then. Peace.

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