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Back to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Not_nuggets I'm switching back to a vegetarian diet. I'm not going vegan because I need eggs and cheese in my diet right now. I'm considering a vegan lifestyle but I'm taking this in stages.

Unfortunately, I've back-slid on my diet a few times because of convenience. You know, someone brings a pepperoni pizza in this office and there's no time between meetings ---there goes the vegetarian diet.  I can feel the meat slowing down my body. I don't have the energy I'm accustomed to and I'm noticably less productive. Breaking my vegetarian regime usually occurs when I'm under extreme stress as I have been lately.

So, starting today, I'm keeping a journal of everything I eat. Perhaps it will help me stay on task. In a household and office of meat-eaters, my work is cut out for me but I'll get back on track again.