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BET Awards 2007: Beyonce, ‘roboho’ and the Race War on TMZ.com


This was not intended  to be back-to-back Beyonce posts. Just as I was enjoying the 2007 BET Awards tributes to Diana Ross, Gerald Levert and James Brown, all hell breaks loose with the hot mess started by the folks over at TMZ.com. Seems that The 2007 BET Awards were totally dissed with the most stinging comment leveled at Beyonce in her “roboho” costume as she performed to “Get Me Bodied”.

Yes, roboho, have they lost their minds? That was a low blow. I’m not a Beyonce fan but the show she gave was an excellent performance. Stop all the hatin’ and give credit where credit is due. To make matters worse, TMZ went on to diss the fashions worn by many celebs and dissed the evening’s host, Mo’NiQue.

Now, wait just a minute, I’m not a Beyonce fan but I am a fan of Miss Mo. That was uncalled for, as was the comment about Jennifer Holiday and others. It’s not a matter of being thin-skinned; sarcasm is one thing but mean-spiritedness is quite another.

I won’t re-post the hateful comments from the TMZ site. You can check out Jasmyne Cannick’s site for that. She gives an excellent summary of the situation with links and directs quotes from TMZ readers. Check out her entire site; it’s tight.

Before I forget, I googled ‘roboho’. There is an erotic site at www.roboho.com. I didn’t click through to it but it explains the origin of the term. Make no mistake; the explanation doesn’t diminish my disgust and anger.

Click for video of Beyonce's live performance at The 2007 BET Awards.