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Freedom of Speech Violation or Justifiable Punishment? What do you think?


Avery Doninger, 16, was secretary of her junior class at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, Connecticut when she was summarily dismissed from her class office. Why? Well, it seems that Avery referred to school administrators as 'douchbags' (sic) on her personal blog. Yeah, she did.

Now, Avery should not have used such language but does the punishment fit the crime? In spite of an apology, Avery was still removed from office and forbidden from running for office again at her school.

An apology should have been sufficient with, let's say, perhaps volunteering to help around the school. The punishment is overkill. This situation has gained national attention with concern for freedom of speech as the central issue. Strong opinions on this issue are prevalent in comments to news articles about this situation. Missing frequently from the comments is a sense of objectivity.

Freedom of speech is a serious issue but this situation has gotten out of hand. Prayerfully someone will come to the rescue soon and we can stay focused on important issues like the war in Iraq, the price of gasoline, etc…etc.

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