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Mark Your Calendar for the 14th Annual Unity World Day of Prayer - September 13, 2007

The Unity World Day of Prayer is an opportunity for humankind to experience a transformation of health, abundance, and love on a global level. This year is focused on world peace. There are a variety of ways you can participate in World Day of Prayer:

    This is a sacred time to unite in prayer, and you are invited to read a special invitation to pray from Silent Unity®, worldwide prayer ministry. Click here to read the letter from Silent Unity.

    This World Day of Prayer, make a sacred connection with God and with the world by affirming:


    Please join in affirming 30 days to world peace with a special prayer for each day. When we pray for any intention for 30 days, that time allows us to shift our perspective, create a deeper awareness of divine possibilities, and know that our intention is becoming a reality.

    Contact Unity at 816-524-3550 for more information on World Day of Prayer.

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