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The Safe Sex Dress


One of my friends forwarded this picture to me. It is a dress made of condoms. Yes, condoms. I don’t have any other information on the photo but I’ll give the designer an “A” for originality and creativity.

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Starbucks is raising prices

Yesterday one of the local newscasters announced that Starbucks is raising its prices. It's likely that you'll pay a dime more per cup for that already overpriced coffee beverage. The broadcast went on to interview customers as to whether they'd continue to patronize the coffee chain in light of the increase. Only one of approximately seven people indicated they'd stop going to Starbucks. Excuse me but the story lost its newsworthiness after about a minute; the rest was fluff.

I like Starbucks. I don't go there as often as I'd like because I'm just too busy to drive out of the way for coffee. Heck, Starbucks coffee, latte, frappucino, chai and anything else they sell there doesn't taste that great. I don't go to Starbucks for the coffee, I go for the atmosphere and my associates that are there. It's a nice place to just chill or get a few things done on my laptop. If I really wanted coffee, I'd make it at home for a whole lot cheaper.

The price increase won't keep me away from Starbucks. On the other hand, gasoline prices just might.

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Another Rainy Day in Miami

The weather was nasty this afternoon. After horrendous thunder and lightning, I arrived home to no electricity. Of course the first thing I did was check to see if my computer was still functioning. Secondly, I made sure all of the anumals were present and accounted for. We need the rain so I won't complain too much.

Michael Vick: Too Much Money...Too Much Time

I don't know much about Michael Vick other than he has a brother that plays football, he was detained at Miami International Airport for carrying weed in a doctored water bottle and he's been indicted on dogfighting charges.

Oh yeah, he has a $62 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons and had contracts for product endorsements. I can't quote his statistics or even tell you which college he graduated from, if he actually graduated. I can tell you one thing, when you're a Black man and Rev. Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons are on your case, you got issues.

Now, I don't want to rush to judgment as in that Duke Rape Case but I don't see how Vick can get out of this one. He so represents what is wrong with young people, especially young Black males. Michael Vick is a victim but I don't feel the least bit sorry for his trifling a**. He makes millions of dollars yet he's trying to live some hard core neighborhood thug life that has been glamourized by the hypocritic Russell Simmons. Gimme me a break. Not only does Vick have Sharpton and Simmons against him but he's got PETA on his case too. That's a no win situation for Vick. No one can help him right now but Jesus.

Does this guy have a publicist or an advisor? Who is his agent? He needs help and he needs it bad. Michael Vick has been out of control for some time now. More than likely he's ruined his professional football career in the States and is in for a reality check that will not be pretty.

You know what? As I type this, there's a tune that I can't get out of my head...."Who let the dogs out? Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!"

OKay, I'm not saying that was funny, it is the truth though. I wonder how Vick would feel locked in a pen with a couple of those dogs found on his property?

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Mark Your Calendar for the 14th Annual Unity World Day of Prayer - September 13, 2007

The Unity World Day of Prayer is an opportunity for humankind to experience a transformation of health, abundance, and love on a global level. This year is focused on world peace. There are a variety of ways you can participate in World Day of Prayer:

    This is a sacred time to unite in prayer, and you are invited to read a special invitation to pray from Silent Unity®, worldwide prayer ministry. Click here to read the letter from Silent Unity.

    This World Day of Prayer, make a sacred connection with God and with the world by affirming:


    Please join in affirming 30 days to world peace with a special prayer for each day. When we pray for any intention for 30 days, that time allows us to shift our perspective, create a deeper awareness of divine possibilities, and know that our intention is becoming a reality.

    Contact Unity at 816-524-3550 for more information on World Day of Prayer.

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    Think Before You Blog: How MySpace, FaceBook and 360 Can Keep You from that Dream Job or Get You Fired!

    In light of my previous post on the Avery Doninger's lawsuit against her school's administration because of comments on her personal blog, have you ever thought about how what you post on the internet can keep you from getting the job you want. If you already have a job, blogging can get you fired.

    Check out this article "To Blog or Not to Blog?". Some points are just common sense --- yes, your prospective employer may Google your name. If you're already employed, it's probably not a good idea to blast your employer. Oh yeah, applying for college should be given the same consideration as applying for a job.

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    Remembering Tammy Faye


    She was one of those people that didn't need a last name. After a tumultuous, embarrassing marriage and subsequent divorce from televangelist husband Jim Bakker, she still remained dear in the hearts of many. Tammy Faye Messner succumbed to cancer on Friday evening. She will be missed by many. May God have mercy on her soul. Ashe'.

    To read more about her check the links below:

    Tammy Faye's Official Website (Note: Maybe unavailable due to heavy internet traffic; try again later.)

    Tammy Faye's Bio

    Tammy Faye diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer

    Freedom of Speech Violation or Justifiable Punishment? What do you think?


    Avery Doninger, 16, was secretary of her junior class at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, Connecticut when she was summarily dismissed from her class office. Why? Well, it seems that Avery referred to school administrators as 'douchbags' (sic) on her personal blog. Yeah, she did.

    Now, Avery should not have used such language but does the punishment fit the crime? In spite of an apology, Avery was still removed from office and forbidden from running for office again at her school.

    An apology should have been sufficient with, let's say, perhaps volunteering to help around the school. The punishment is overkill. This situation has gained national attention with concern for freedom of speech as the central issue. Strong opinions on this issue are prevalent in comments to news articles about this situation. Missing frequently from the comments is a sense of objectivity.

    Freedom of speech is a serious issue but this situation has gotten out of hand. Prayerfully someone will come to the rescue soon and we can stay focused on important issues like the war in Iraq, the price of gasoline, etc…etc.

    Related link: Free Speech Suit Filed 

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    Changing My Mind: Windows Vista Doesn’t Suck!

    I've been using Windows Vista and Word 2007 for a couple of weeks now. Initially, I was so ticked because I couldn't perform many of the basic Windows tasks without reading the menu options. OK, that may not be a big deal but when you're working under a tight deadline, well, it sucks.

    After taking the time to explore Vista and Word 2007, I must say that there are a couple of features I come across that actually make it worthwhile.

    One feature is blogging. There's a template that allows me to post to my blogs from Word 2007. Oh, yeah, I can use all of the typical features of Word like spell check, grammar check and formatting. What's also super-awesome is the ability to insert graphics into Word and have them uploaded right into the blog. I can actually publish from Word or Publish as a Draft. If you are a frequent blogger, that is definitely a plus.

    Transferring files from my massive inventory of floppy disks to my hard drive and/or discarding them have also been a joy compared to previous versions of Windows. Vista makes adding and organizing files so much easier. I am de-cluttering my personal space and I'm so much happier.

    I'll keep you posted on my other discoveries while exploring Vista. Oh, before I go, there is a huge drawback to Vista and that is the probable software upgrade/replacement required. Certain equipment and programs just don't work with Vista. I'm a bit peeved that I have to purchase new Adobe Acrobat because the 6.0 version won't work. I paid about $500 for that about three years ago and I just wasn't ready to make that kind of investment.

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    Check It Out! I’m a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!

    Hey, I rock y'all. Yeah, I rock, at least so says my blog buddy, Danielle of Modern Musings. She named me a Rockin' Girl Blogger! I'm a member of a community of awesome blogging sisters and I am humbled.

    I've been blessed with a couple of awards from fellow bloggers. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you how so fantastically great it feels to receive such accolades. It's so amazing how these awards are started and spread like a virus throughout the blogosphere.

    Anyhoo, the Rockin' Girl Blogger award was started by Roberta Ferguson of Blogging Made Devilishly Simple. I am to pass this award to five blogging sisters that deserve the honor also. Now I've done this sort of thing a couple of times before and quite frankly it's the most difficult part of this task. Hmmm, many of my choices have already received this award before. It's still difficult to limit to only five but here goes.

    1. Ebele: Crazy for mangoes? Check out Ebele's spot. She's oh so creative and accomplished for her young years.
    2. Karoli: Karoli is really cool. She blogs about various topics but I find the posts about her family the most interesting.
    3. Christina: She lets readers know from the outset what to expect from her blog. I love her spirit. She's straightforward, down to earth and exceptionally bright.
    4. Glenda Watson Hyatt: She shares her experiences living with cerebral palsy to motivate and inspire others to think about how they perceive their own situation and their own world around them. She does all this by typing with only her left thumb!
    5. Kelly Cat: OK, I'm a cat person and I love this blog. I learned that I don't own my cats, my cats own me. LOL!

    OK, ladies, pass on the love and reward the blogging sisters that you admire. Don't forget to link back to Roberta's post. Thanks again, Danielle, my sister from another mother…now, Rock On, my sisters!

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