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The PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Bottled Water Scam

The latest commotion about Aquafina being little more than tap water has sent my health-conscious friends into a tizzy. Dasani had the same problem back in 2004 in the UK. Who knew? I just know my granddad is looking down from heaven saying, "I told you so. Folks shouldn't pay good money for what Mother Nature makes bountifully."

I do drink bottled water but I try to only drink Evian and Zephyr Hills. They taste better to me. Aquafina and Dasani are the only brands in the vending machines in my office building but my days of purchasing them have come to a screeching halt. At a buck a pop, for tap water, I went back to the water fountain and I'll save money also.

I still feel taken advantage of. Perhaps, someone somewhere is mounting a class action suit against Pepsi and Coca-Cola, manufacturers of Aquafina and Dasani. If so, sign me up.

From Think Outside the Bottle website:

Media Coverage of the Think Outside the Bottle Campaign

Momentum is building in the campaign to challenge corporate control of water. Dozens of media outlets have brought national attention to the bottled water issue. See our interview with TV20's 'Your Green Report' on the San Francisco Executive Directive, which bans bottled water in the city in favor of tap water. Here's a sampling of recent coverage:

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