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Shout out to Serena Williams!

Serenawilliams4_ap Since I’ve taken time off from the office to get rid of some things in my home and put others in storage, I’ve had an opportunity to keep up with the news a lot more than usual. While packing some of my Barbie dolls, I was amazed to see video of the resilience of Serena Williams playing through pain at Wimbledon.

One thing is certain; Serena and Venus bring so much excitement to women’s tennis. When they retire from the sport, they will be sorely missed. I recall their Dad speaking of them when they were young, playing on the horrible “courts” in Compton. Say what you like about their Dad, he was so right.

In addition to them looking so different from most of the other players because they are Black, the Sisters’ wardrobe --- both on and off the court --- seem to guarantee them media coverage.  I must say that most of their attire makes me cringe because they don’t dress for their body types. Venus and Serena are strong, beautiful, athletic women. They seem to wear what’s in style rather than allow their natural essence/beauty to be showcased.

Win or lose, when The Sisters speak with confidence (not arrogance), it makes me proud to be a Black woman, yeah, it really does. If I wrote anything different, I’d be lying, folks. I know that may not be politically correct but I’m trying to live an honest life.

Anyhoo, when Serena took that tumble from cramps or a pulled muscle, I’m not sure what it was, she proved herself to be a champion yet again. Serena is playing as if she really wants to win Wimbledon. With stiff competition yet to be faced, she still may be able to make that happen.

At this pace, I may have to induct Serena Williams into my personal Hall of Fame with Althea Gibson, Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova.

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