Day 10: 30 Days to Peace
Day 11: 30 Days to Peace

Another Friday Night in Miami: Is Castro really dead this time?

Today was a grueling day. There were meetings and phone calls and the usual rush to wrap up the week's activities. I've worked until 7:30 a couple of nights so I could hardly wait for the day to end. Then, about ten minutes after four, I hear that Fidel Castro is dead and there were plans for an early shut-down of after-care programs at schools in Hialeah.

If it is true, traffic may be a nightmare. I don't hear anything on local news but supposedly the local police are making plans. The last time such an announcement was made, there were celebrations in the streets of Miami. There are such denials of his death and claims of this as another rumor but dang how long can Fidel live?

Barack Obama is scheduled to speak tomorrow in Miami in an area heavily populated by Cuban exiles. Perhaps the wisdom of his comments will be noted as it is in the best of the U.S. to lessen restrictions on travel and sending money to people on the island. It's best to be ahead and have a plan for when Castro dies.

Personally, I think Castro has been dead since the announcement of his death last year. Could it be that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has injected himself into the Cuban government to perpetuate communism? Cuba is vulnerable. Unfortunately America's resources are also thin because of the huge number of troops in Iraq.

All is quiet although I think an official announcement will be made tomorrow morning. I just want to get some rest and catch up on responding to my blog comments. Keep an eye on Miami; it's going to be very interesting.