Day 6: 30 Days to Peace
Day 7: 30 Days to Peace

From migrant worker to history-making educator: Dr. San Juanita de la Cruz

Juanita Too often we can get caught up in our own little world and forget that every living, breathing human being has a story to tell. Some stories are more shocking and unbelievable than others but there are people that we pass everyday or sit next to at work or talk to on the phone that have overcome such tremendous challenges in life and life goes on for them.

Such is the story of educator and administrator Dr. San Juanita de la Cruz. I have known this woman for more than ten years but it was only through a Miami Herald news article that I learned of the significance of her academic and social accomplishments. She is remarkable. Juanita makes me feel as though I have not done enough with my life. Through her trials and tribulations, she is one of the most pleasant individuals you will ever meet.

Congratulations and thank you to phenomenal woman Dr. San Juanita de la Cruz. To read and hear her story, click here.