Day 16: 30 Days to Peace
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Mark Your Calendar for the 14th Annual Unity World Day of Prayer - September 13, 2007 [RE-POST]

If you became a regular reader of this blog after the end of July of this year, it's likely that you missed the purpose of the affirmations posted as the countdown continues for the Unity World Day of Prayer.

Here's a re-post of the blog entry that explains these daily affirmations and what you can do to get the full Day of Prayer experience. 

The Unity World Day of Prayer is an opportunity for humankind to experience a transformation of health, abundance, and love on a global level. This year is focused on world peace. There are a variety of ways you can participate in World Day of Prayer:

    This is a sacred time to unite in prayer, and you are invited to read a special invitation to pray from Silent Unity®, worldwide prayer ministry. Click here to read the letter from Silent Unity.

    This World Day of Prayer, make a sacred connection with God and with the world by affirming:


    Please join in affirming 30 days to world peace with a special prayer for each day. When we pray for any intention for 30 days, that time allows us to shift our perspective, create a deeper awareness of divine possibilities, and know that our intention is becoming a reality.

    Contact Unity at 816-524-3550 for more information on World Day of Prayer.

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