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Tyler Perry’s New Movie May Just Make You Ask “Why Did I Get Married?”

Tyler Perry has done it again. He has taken one of his plays and staged it for the big screen. Hollywood is taking notice of what Blacks in urban areas have known for some time. Urban theater sells. And urban theater transformed to the big screen makes big money.

The remarkable story of the numerous victories of Tyler Perry and his ever present sense of humility is the manifestation of the Blessing of Jesus Christ. He has overcome poverty, emotional abuse and homelessness among other things. Almost everything this man touches turns to gold. He is changing minds with the positive messages in all of his movies.

His movies can be a bit corny and predictable but the positive messages are desperately needed. It is bothersome to me that a Black man has to dress in drag for Black people to get positive messages on relationships, education and family, but that seems to be what is working.

On October 12, Perry is scheduled to debut, "Why Did I Get Married?" starring him along with Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Michael Jai-White and Sharon Leal. Based on what I've seen on the internet, it's the story of four couples on an annual ski vacation during which their relationships are examined. You know there's gonna be drama when one of the cast is referred as a "trick".

The storyline will make it another number one hit for Perry. The acting and fine Michael Jai White will definitely fill more than a few theater seats. If this movie improves relationships, then we're all the better for it.

I'll let you know what I think when I see it. Meanwhile, check out the trailer.


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