Day 29: 30 Days to Peace
Day 30: 30 Days to Peace

MTV VMAs 2007: Exploiting Britney

I didn't watch the VMAs but it must have been rather boring since the only portion that's really getting airplay or comment is Britney Spears' horrendous opening act performance. Let me tell you, I feel so bad for her. She was so not ready for that performance that MTV really should have pulled her. I don't enjoy watching train wrecks or car crashes but apparently so many people do.

Kanye West threw a temper tantrum after the show. Initially, I thought he was just being spoiled and egotistical but he made some very valid points about exploitation and the entertainment industry.

Britney Spears' performance was definitely a reminder of how cruel the game is. Not only was her performance horrible but she looked horrible from costume to hair. What was most disturbing was her lack of confidence. It showed in her eyes. That young woman is in pain. Even if she's made a gazillion dollars, and more than a few mistakes, watching her tank like that is not enjoyable. Somebody or a few somebodies in her camp need to be fired for letting her humiliate herself like that.

Comedian Sarah Silverman's routine only added to the sacrificial nature of the evening. To crack on Britney is one thing but to bring her kids in the act and refer to them as "mistakes" crosses the line.

I am not a Britney Spears fan but I do give her credit for being an excellent performer. Prayerfully she'll bounce back from this although many in the media have already buried her career. Perhaps, her VMA performance is watch Britney Spears needs to force her to make a choice --- get out of the entertainment game or work like hell to stage an awesome comeback.

Although Britney is an adult, it's time for those who really love her to intervene. Britney can come back from this. As much as Americans love watching train wrecks and car crashes, they also love comebacks. Please let the real Britney come back.