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Freedom of Speech Not Welcome at University of Florida; Student Tasered at John Kerry Forum

O.J. the O.G.

There's not much more that can be said or written about O.J. Simpson and his latest brush with the law. I mean, is the guy on crack or something? O.J. has to be in his sixties, right? So, what made him think he could roll up in a hotel room in Vegas with his boys and try some gangsta mess like that?

I fully understand him wanting to retrieve his personal items but there was a more intelligent and mature way to handle the situation. The story is so wild that there must be a logical explanation for the madness. His, friend, Walter Alexander, attempted to explain the situation in spite of protests from his attorney. Alexander said he's not guilty, he's a religious man. OK, this is really gonna get crazy.

The audiotape on takes this to a whole new level. Much has been said about the profanity-laced commands from O.J. but what do you expect when weapons are pulled. That's not exactly time for high tea conversation.

Seeing O.J. in cuffs and hearing the jokes made about this situation made me feel tremendous sadness for his children. With the Goldman and Brown families at odds because the Goldmans published O.J.'s book, the children ---including those from first wife Marguerite---must be devastated.

O.J. doesn't have Johnnie Cochran around to save him this time. Will he do time or will he slither out of this one too? Only time will tell, stay tuned.