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End Modern-Day Slavery

When we hear the word slavery, it's safe to say that most of us think of a horrible time in the past of the United States. The truth is that slavery still exists. As much we ignore and/or overlook it, the federal government estimates more than 45,000 people enslaved in the United States.

One of the most recent cases prosecuted here in the United States is that of the enslavement of Simone Celestin of Haiti. Ms. Celestin was removed from an orphanage six years ago when she was 14. She worked 15 hour days for a Haitian family. One of the women involved says that she home-schooled Simone. It is alleged that Simone was sometimes beaten with hands and fists.

The Haitian culture refers to these children as restaveks. Many live under inhumane and brutal conditions even here in the United States. How one person can enslave another still baffles me. Many of these children are too terrified to report the conditions under which they live for fear of deportation or being killed. We must put an end to this trafficking.

People who engage in human trafficking get no sympathy from me. If they are black I think they should be punished even more severely than others. I know some may not think that's right but that's how I feel.

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