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Georgia Supreme Court Frees Genarlow Wilson

The Georgia Supreme Court freed Genarlow Wilson. Excuse me if I save my rejoicing until I see him walk out of the prison gates. We rejoiced a couple of months ago when we thought he'd be released so I'm a bit jaded when it comes to the law.

Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears wrote the majority opinion in the scant 4-3 vote that allowed this young man to go free. I'd take that also if I were Genarlow and his attorney B.J. Bernstein but it's also a signal that much more needs to be done in our justice system.

I'm not going to any racial position although young black men appear to be targets based on recent newscasts. Let's just look at the situation…10 years for a bj? Give me a break. How the folks that prosecuted the case and then tried their best to keep Genarlow locked up is ridiculous.

Just so you know, the vote was not along ethnic lines. For the record, this is how the judges voted: The majority: Justices Leah Ward Sears, Carol Hunstein, Robert Benham and Hugh Thompson. In dissent: Justices George Carley, Harris Hines and Harold Melton. Click here to download the Court's opinion.

Hopefully, Genarlow Wilson will actually be released soon. Getting his life back on track will be challenging but I'm praying that Genarlow and his family will heal from this trauma in their loves and that Genarlow will be able to move on to a fabulously productive life.

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