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Get a Rush of Traffic to Your Blog

Have you noticed the BlogRush widget on the left sidebar of this blog? If you haven't, I highly recommend you check it out now. I'd seen it on a few blogs within my circle of friends so I gave it a try.

Now, I'm not about to try to convince you that I totally understand the credits earned and points for referrals…. blah… blah… blah. I can tell you that my blog traffic has tripled and my subscribers doubled. That's enough for me to encourage you to try BlogRush also.

The explosion of BlogRush literally caused its creators to put on the brakes for a moment and do a little tweaking. It seems some folks were "cheating" the system and others added the widget to blogs with less than quality content.

The folks over at BlogRush are tightening things up a bit so that violators won't be able to slip through as easily. They've also made the widget available in several flavors(colors). I love the colors so I may just change the color of my widget just for the heck of it.

The BlogRush setup is super easy. Give it a try and let me know if your blog gets a "rush."