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Grills Be Gone

OK, yesterday, there was the dad that spanked his son for bad grades in school. Today, the local news reported a student whose "grill" was removed at school by his guidance counselor. More than likely some of you are puzzled by that last statement so allow me to explain. A grill is ornamental dental work covering the front teeth in one's mouth. You may have seen some rappers wearing elaborate diamond-encrusted grills. It's mind-boggling but there's a jewelry niche of grills, rope chains and pimp cups.

What a supreme example of misplaced priorities and squandering of money. Not to mention the threat to the dental health of young people across America. The young boy in the story wanted to be like his dad. I pray that the child and his dad will come to their senses before it's too late. Now, each of us has our own taste in clothing, hairstyles, etc. That's all well and good but when it comes to modifying the teeth of a child…what's the lesson?

Not only should the counselor not have put her hands in the boy's mouth, who did the dental work to even make the grill for the child? The $500 spent on the grill could have been put to much better and more sustaining use. Some people just shouldn't be parents. What do you think?