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How Do You Discipline Your Kids?

A father was recently released from jail in Miami on aggravated child abuse charges. It seems that Loscar Rodriguez beat his eight-year old son with a belt for getting bad grades.

At school the next day, the son complained of not being able to sit because he was sore. That led school officials to check the son for bruises. Apparently, there were signs older bruises. Police were called, photos taken of the bruises and Rodriguez arrested.

Rodriguez is described as a loving, caring father by his co-workers. He said that he would never hurt his child but, as is required in this case, has been ordered to stay away from him.

Folks are lining up on both sides of the issue of corporal punishment for children. The judge was sympathetic to the father's desire for discipline but child protective laws are very inflexible regarding certain issues.

There were not enough facts provided in the media coverage of this case for me to form an opinion one way or another. I do know that I think spanking is an appropriate disciplinary tactic for parents in some situations. Some children behave from just talking to them other children require more effort to get their attention. I don't support beating children but I do believe that children need boundaries and discipline.