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Nailah Franklin's former boyfriend arrested on unrelated charges

Chicago-based news media reports that former boyfriend of Nailah Franklin, Reginald Potts, has been arrested on unrelated charges. Potts has been very defensive in posts on the internet. He has a criminal history but has not been arrested in connection with Nailah's death.

Nailah Franklin's Former Boyfriend Gets Charged With Misdemeanor Battery

Last Edited: Saturday, 06 Oct 2007, 4:06 PM CDT

Created: Saturday, 06 Oct 2007, 4:06 PM CDT

Chicago, IL. -- Reginald Potts, 30, was charged with misdemeanor battery after he allegedly threatened a gas station attendant in the South Loop, police said.

Potts, of the 1400 block of South Wabash, was arrested around 11 a.m. in the 800 block of South Wabash and was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery, police said.

Potts was arrested during a phone conversation with a Chicago Sun-Times reporter, who could hear the conversation between him and the officers.

Officers first asked Potts for an ID, and he asked, "Why?"

They responded by telling him, "You look like someone.''

And he said, "Who is that? . . . I'm Reginald Potts."

Later in the arrest, Potts was heard telling officers he believed they were harassing him.

"You want to know the same thing . . . you guys are stopping me . . . coming and talking to me two days in the row,'' he said. "Keep doing what you are doing. . . . Plenty of money, buddy, plenty of money.''

Nailah Franklin, a rep for Eli Lilly and Co., was last seen Sept. 16. Two days later, three text messages were sent from her phone to a friend, her boyfriend and her boss. The following day, after missing an important meeting, she was reported missing by her family.

The cause of death has not been released, pending the police investigation. But sources said no trauma was found on her body.

Sources close to the investigation and the family of Franklin have said a former boyfriend made threatening phone calls to her the week before she disappeared and that she reported this to police.

Monique Bond, a Police Department spokeswoman, said, "The department has not named a suspect'' in the investigation of the death of Franklin. "The investigation continues."