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Shh…I’ve Got a Secret!

Christy over at Christy's Coffee Break tagged me with the Best Kept Secret Award and I'm flattered. This award is given to bloggers who haven't quite been "discovered" yet but you admire their style, wit, etc.

You can't see, but I am so blushing right now. Thanks for the honor, Christy. Now, I'm to pass the award along to three to five bloggers I consider Best Kept Secret bloggers. For those of you who've been reading my blogs for awhile, you know I so have a problem narrowing you folks down for something like this.

Anyhoo, this time I'm going to select favorites that I may not have introduced you to before. In no particular order, My Best Kept Secret Award goes to:

South Side Star – The Qween's sense of humor and outlook on various topics are consistently entertaining. It's easy to just read the first part of her posts but reading the entire posts gives you the blog's real flavor.

odd time signatures - Love the depth and breadth of topics covered. The photos accompanying the blog posts are awesome and make the words reach out and grab you. The personal posts make you feel as though you actually know the family, especially "Sticks."

CNI Project – A blog not for the faint of mind or heart. There is so much information there that I could spend hours just taking in all of the information. Rico and the folks over there have done a fabulous job of presenting information on various topics. If you're into intelligentsia, CNI Project is a must read blog for you.

So, now the secret's out. Thanks to everyone who's been reading Vanessa: Unplugged! That thank you even extends to those of you who don't agree with my opinion. I still love you and there's nothing you can do about it! Ha!

While I'm in my KLS vibe, *adjusting my sunglasses*, I'm off with my fabulosity and I'll be back with you fabulous people tomorrow. Thanks, again, Christy!


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