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Connected Again and It Feels So Good

Vanessa is Not a Happy Camper

My DSL has been down for the last 4 days and I am so ticked off. After calling BellSouth AT&T and trying to troubleshoot via tech support on the phone, I am still without service. I miss my DSL.I am using a laptop with an air card to type this post. That method's fine now, but noticeably slower than DSL.

Anyhoo, BellSouth AT&T tech support had to send a technician to my home. Of course that added to the delay in getting back online because I had to deal with that appointment window crap. You know what I mean… "M'am, we can send someone out to your home between 8 and noon or 1 to 5." I hate that.

The tech came early and totally threw off my plans but that's okay. After doing the same tests I'd done via telephone, he ended up checking the phone lines outside. Dogs had to be secured and cats that are usually confined to the patio were running throughout the house.

As the tech spoke with his home base, he asked about a second modem in the household. Second modem? No, there's a wireless router and two additional phone lines but that's it. Apparently, home base detected a second modem. The tech, turned off everything ad the second modem was still detected. There was nothing he could do; another tech will be sent today to check some box in the neighborhood that houses the phone lines. I'm really not hearing the details beyond the fact that my DSL will be down at least another day.

The technician that came to my home was a very nice and polite young man. He apologized as did everyone I spoke with from BellSouth AT&T. Thank you but I'd like a working DSL, please. Now, you know I'm going to negotiate some sort of remuneration for this inconvenience.

Now, I must be on with my busy day. *thinking happy thoughts* Peace and Blessings, everyone.