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Why Did I Get Married is Good for the Soul

It's the weekend, baby! Have some fun and go see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married I know I saw it twice last weekend and you know what, I think I'll see it again. I don't know if it's the storyline or all the hotness in the movie or what? Let me just be honest, OK?

Anyhoo, on a serious tip, Why Did I Get Married is a great opportunity to laugh, cry and for a reality check. That's what Tyler Perry movies tend to do. Perry uses the movie to preach…teach…send a message. That's what his movies are all about; if you don't like that formula, don't see the movie. The truth be told, most of us need those messages big time. I saw myself and my friends, at different points in our lives, in all of the characters. No, I'm not saying which characters or friends.

Some of the problems in the relationships between the couples seem too unreal but then I guess some folks may go through some craziness in their married lives. No doubt, Jill Scott and Tasha Smith steal the movie. Scott does a commendable job of portraying the down-trodden, Sheila. Tasha Smith played the role of Angela, the angry black woman. I dug the character in the honest moments but I am getting so sick and tired of that angry black woman character. It's hardly conceivable that a woman with such attitude could be the owner of a successful hair salon but maybe I'm the only one that feels that way.

Over all the acting was decent. The characters could have used more development to justify some of the emotional extremes and explain their actions.

Now, let me get a tad shallow…I was so feeling the wardrobe of the women, especially Janet's. Those shoes and handbags had me practically drooling --- yes, I have my weaknesses and I'm dealing with them. I even loved the furs, faux or not. Michael Jai White in his boxers on the television screen is one thing but to see him on the big screen was breathtaking. I don't care what role he plays, he will always be Spawn to me. I did not expect Lamman Rucker to be so gorgeous. Warning to women, it's just a movie. Let's not make ourselves crazy expecting Sheriff Troy to come to our rescue.

And another thing, if you can't find a babysitter, leave your children at home. The characters on the movie screen can't hear you, so why talk to them? I just don't get it. Laughing out loud is one thing, but a conversation is something else.

Let me just touch a couple of points before I end this post. The cast of this movie is mostly black but I encourage white people to see it also. The problems the couples face are universal and you can learn from the movie also. Brothers, go see the movie with your wives, girlfriends, etc. You'll enjoy the laughs and hopefully your relationships will be strengthened.