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Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant, and…?

Just as I don't understand the Hannah Montana phenomenon, I don't understand the flak about the unwed pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears.

This is just more of the same bad behavior of teens nowadays. Kids are having sex. Surprise. Surprise. With sex comes pregnancy and STDs, especially the Big Virus.

Will Jamie Lynn's pregnancy be the tipping point for a change in how we allow sex to be placed so casually before teens and others ill-equipped to handle the responsibilities of the by-product of sex? Or, will Jamie Lynn, much like her sister Britney and the many nameless, faceless teens infected with AIDS or dealing with teenage parenthood just become statistics and collateral damage?

In Britney's hometown of Kentwood, LA, some folks are not at all surprised at the pregnancy. Some because, you know, it's the Spears family and others because "You got kids who are 13 or 14 and pregnant in Kentwood, we're about used to it around here," Donald Church said. Well, allrighty then.