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Mychal Bell Accepts Plea Deal

Jena 6 defendant Mychal Bell accepted a plea deal that may see him released next year. Read Howard Witt's coverage at The Chicago Tribune. I guess this is the win-win situation in that neither side got everything they wanted.

While I'd like to be happy about this decision, I'm not. The racial problems in Jena, regardless of the disavowal of some residents, still exist. The 'White Tree' was cut down at Jena High School but the cancer of racism still festers.

Justin Barker's role in the unrest and the attacks on other black teens still haven't been addressed. And let's not even get into using some of the Jena 6 for their athletic prowess and not arresting them until after the football season was over.

Until the issue of racism is actually addressed, whatever happens in Jena will be just like putting perfume on a pig. It still stinks.