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How I’m Feeling…

Request for Prayer for Healing, Uplift and Strength

I apologize that I've not posted to this blog as frequently as I'd like. I've not shared with you the recent challenges on my time and energy that have been wrought due to the illness of my mother. My experience with the health care industry and insurance companies during the last week and a half has afforded me several days of blog posts and most of them will not be pretty. I won't go off Michael Moore style right now, but I will later.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer so I ask that you pray for the healing of my mother, Mary Woodard. I also ask that you pray for the emotional and physical strength of my dad, Art Woodard. My folks have been married for 57 years and my dad tries to be with her every moment he can. My dad is old school so he internalizes his emotions, except for anger. Speaking of anger, I also ask that you pray for God's control over my anger that will allow me to register my dissatisfaction with the service provided by a hospital staff member without raising my voice and losing my cool.

I will keep you posted about my experience and perhaps you will share your experiences also. I have to end this post now because I have to get ready for work and write an e-mail to the hospital administrator and public relations office about the unacceptable behavior of the social worker assigned to my mother.

I've already complained about the lax hospital security and insufficient air conditioning – heat promotes germs. I'm sure some of the staff will be glad to see me leave and others are glad I've voiced my concerns. In arguably, the hospital workers are overworked and underpaid. There is still a need to provide customer care that is better treatment than cattle on a farm. I said I wouldn't go there in this post.

Thank you for all positive thoughts for my family during this time. I'll post as time and energy allow. In the meantime, check out this article: Who's making money off the health care crisis?