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Another taser victim dies in Miami

Xavier Jones, 29, died after a Coral Gables police officer Tasered him on Friday morning at University Inn Condominium, 1280 S. Alahambra Cir., near the University of Miami.


Miami-Dade Detective Carlos Maura said the man had been disruptive at a party and resisted arrest. Police officers responded to a call about a scuffle about 2 a.m.


After Jones became disruptive inside one of the apartments, a security guard attempted to remove him from the property and the confrontation spilled outside. Maura said the man was belligerent, so a police officer used a Taser stun gun to restrain him prior to arrest.


There needs to be an immediate investigation into the use of Tasers. It seems that law enforcement has lost their minds. Aren't Tasers supposed to stun, not kill? But if pregnant women are being Tasered, the rest of us should surely be on guard.


Pregnant women tasered:

Malaika Brooks, Seattle, WA

Leslie Donaldson, Alachua County (FL)

Valreca Redden, Trotwood, OH



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